Short Term Medical Insurance

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Short Term Health Insurance gives you a plan to face those unpredictable moments in life with confidence. It provides the financial protection you need from unexpected medical bills and other health care expenses. Short Term Medical plans let you decide how much coverage you want and for how long, with individual and family options available. You can enjoy quality of life benefits like telemedicine and discounts on a variety of everyday items and services through a LIFE Association membership (varies by state).

Our Short Term Medical plans offer plenty of flexibility:

Policies that range from 60-days to a year, some with renewal or consecutive options and some can last up to 3-years. Plan options that include benefits for office visits and urgent care, hospitalization and some with prescription benefits. A wide range of deductibles, coinsurance, and benefits, so you can get the coverage you want. Access to large national networks, so you can find quality care near you or allow you to stay with your existing doctors…

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